The first big decision that needs to be made, when it comes to windows & doors, in any renovation project or new build is the colour of your windows and doors. Sometimes this is easy – in the situation of replacing windows a few at a time, you might decide to go with the same colour (or as close to) as you currently have. But there are certainly some choices to be made.

White and Cream are our base colours and the most cost effective choices. All other colours and woodgrain finishes will add approx 25% to your overall cost. There is also the option to have one colour inside, and another colour for the exterior ie. White Frames on the inside and Ash Black Frames on the outside. Again, this is an option that will add to the overall cost, but worthwhile if you are going for a light Hamptons style look for the interior where an Ash Black Frame will definitely not work.
Our readily available colours in Australia from Deceuninck based in Melbourne are:


Ash Black


Golden Oak


Nut Tree

Anthracite Grey (Colorbond: Monument)

The colours in the images above are just a guide, and subject to colour variation depending on your own screen display configuration. For exact colour please feel free to come into our showroom and pick up a piece of profile offcut.


There is not a big range of styles of hardware to choose from with our uPVC Windows & Doors. The handles are an integrated system with the multi point locking functionality and therefore cannot be swapped out with any regular off the shelf hardware.

The only real choice you need to make with the hardware is the colour: White, Silver (brushed finish), or Black.

You may visit the website of FSA to view some of the range of window & door hardware


At Insulate Double Glazing we use Double Glazed Units made by Australian glass manufacturers Viridian based in Sydney. All their Double Glazed Units come with a 10 year replacement warranty (this doesn’t include accidental breakage). But from there the choice is yours! Float, Toughened, Laminated, Hush, Obscure, Patterned, Coloured… endless possibilities.

When we provide a quotation for you, unless specifically specified by you, we quote in Viridian LightbridgeTM Toughened Double Glazing as standard. Viridian LightbridgeTM has been specifically developed for residential buildings. Constructed with Low-e glass and inert gas fill, a high insulating factor is assured, whilst maintaining a very high level of visual clarity and visible light transmission levels. These DGUs have a U-Value of 1.4 on their own, and in our uPVC Tilt & Turn systems the tested result is 1.7 U-Value.

With some window & door frame colours, we can also include Georgian Bars in your Double Glazing (between the Glass Panes) if you are looking for a more traditional look.

There are so many other options available and a visit to the Viridian website is recommended to do your own research before committing to your glazing.


We mustn’t forget our furry family members when we are designing and replacing our doors. By adding an inlay panelled lower section in your door design, we can fit a pet door to suit most sizes of pet.

As there are so many pet doors on the market these days from basic plastic flap up to pretty high tech designs that lock at night to ensure your pets are safely indoors, we suggest you purchase the door you want, and we will install it during the manufacture phase.


In Australia, Summer means blow fly season, amongst other buzzy pests! We need to keep all those pesky insects outside. There is nothing worse than the sound of a mozzie buzzing in your ear when you are trying to get to sleep (or waking up with a big lump on your face!).

We quote all our windows with fibreglass meshed insect screens as standard. An Australian company called Elite Security Screens & Doors make all of our screens in their factory in Sydney and we have been working with them for many years and therefore they know our uPVC Product almost as well as we do.

There are other mesh options that come on rolls and are meshed into the frames with the rubber strip, these include:

  • Aluminium Mesh
  • Paw Proof
  • Black Stainless Steel
  • Tuff Mesh
  • Luxury Mesh

These mesh upgrades will cost a little bit more than the standard Fibreglass Mesh but in some cases must be upgraded, such as to comply with BAL Fire Ratings.

We can also quote Supa Screen Security Doors for Hinged Doors, French Doors and any of our Sliding Doors – Monorail, Stacking, Tilt & Slide and Lift & Slide.

For tricky doors like Bifolds, a couple of options for retractable style screens are available through our other screen suppliers such as Tech-Roll and Freedom Screens. These are more expensive and the only real screen option for Bifolding Doors. But also a great minimal option for large expanse doors such as Monorail or Stacking Sliding Doors or Lift & Slide Doors – especially where there is a spectacular view that you don’t want to view through mesh. See one of these screens fitted to a Monorail Sliding Door below:


OK, so your new windows and doors are installed, and you need to make your rooms a little more private, particularly at night time. You went with Tilt & Turn Windows and you now realise that you need to face mount blinds so that your windows can open in the Tilt position without hitting the head of your blind system.

Well we have a fantastic solution for you. Nordic Blinds, a European blind manufacturer, have been making blinds for uPVC Tilt & Turn style windows for eons. They have a range of top down bottom up blinds that move with your Tilt & Turn Windows and look so neat. They do opaque fabrics through to full block out, and have so many colours and patterns to choose from – that’s the hard part!