Magnetite – An alternative to double glazing

The magnetite retrofit double glazing system has been designed to deliver similar insulation as traditional double glazing without the expense of replacement windows. Magnetite improves the whole of window performance for your home by insulating the glass, frame and seals, reducing outside noise, enhancing thermal comfort and increasing energy efficiency.

How Does Magnetite Fit to Existing Windows?

Magnetite is a retrofit double glazing system that does not require structural changes or replacement windows. A clear optical grade acrylic panel is attached to the inside of your existing window by using a continuous magnetic edging, which creates an airtight seal with the magnetite subframe. As a result, the air cavity and magnetic seals act as an insulation barrier against noise and temperature. The Magnetite subframe is adaptable to fit any existing window frame – timber, aluminium or steel.

Photograph below was taken at an indoor swimming pool centre and the two far left windows have been treated with Magnetite, and the closest two windows had not yet had Magnetite fitted. This illustrates the ability to regulate temperature between the outside and inside and in turn remove condensation.

Magnetite – the Ideal Double Glazing Solution for Heritage Homes and Strata Properties

Magnetite is ideal for residential applications such as:

  • Heritage and Period Homes
  • Strata Units and Apartments
  • High Density Urban Areas
  • Hot and cold climates.

Magnetite is perfect for any fixed or moving sash windows including casement windows, double hung, sliding, multi-pane, and oddly shaped windows. Its ability to maintain the appearance and integrity of each window from the outside makes Magnetite the ideal double glazing solution for heritage homes and strata apartments.


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