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At Insulate Double Glazing it is our mission to make uPVC Double Glazed Windows the windows of choice for architects, designers, builders and homeowners across the Central West of NSW and beyond.

Company History

“Why is it so cold?” was a statement I never thought I would say when I moved from Scotland to Australia in late 2011. I had left behind some of the worst winters Scotland had had in recent memory for the warmer climate of Australia and yet during my first winter in Sydney, the lack of insulation and poor single glazed windows in the house we rented meant I had never been colder. Not to mention the noise of the traffic, garbage trucks and barking dogs.

In September 2012 we packed up again and headed for Bathurst where my wife Jenny had gone to school leaving the bustling city for the country and a great place to raise a family. We rented a relatively new house in a new development and we were now even colder in the winter while struggling to cool the house in summer. We could feel draughts around the poorly sealed windows and we can only imagine how much of our heating bills went straight out of the windows.

I was amazed that the most thermally in-efficient aluminium single glazed windows are still being used to glaze the houses, even in new builds. North America, Europe and the UK had moved away from using these years ago and the market leader for the last 30 years has been uPVC framed double glazing.

I quickly realized that there was a need to bring uPVC double glazed windows and doors to Bathurst and the Central West and let people know there is a far better option out there. We should not have to wrap up when we are inside our houses, when we have the heating/cooling on we should be confident that it’s not being wasted through the windows as it currently is.

Located in Bathurst, Insulate Double Glazing was formed in April 2013 to supply Australian made thermally efficient uPVC Double Glazed windows and doors to builders and homeowners of Central West, NSW.


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